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Majority of Kenyan Borrowers Unwilling / Unable to Negotiate Better Interest Rates

The Kenyan Housing market in 2020 is littered with houses for sale or rent, with continuously dropping prices.  In many farming areas, dairy and maize farmers are complaining about low sale prices.  As with most markets, the existence of competing…

2020 Financial Planning: Do you know your credit score?

The year 2019 is now behind us, and many Kenyans are focused on new beginnings, new targets and revisiting old targets. At this time, it is common for many Kenyans to take a step back to review their financial positions…

Kenya Interest Rates Cap Repeal – Is there any way out?

Kenya Interest Rates Cap Repeal – Is there any way out? Kenyan borrowers were in a celebratory mood when Parliament amended the Banking Act. The 2016 amendment introduced caps on interest rates. Subsequently, the Central Bank of Kenya issued a circular…

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